Eating Face

Being a cannibal would be tough. (The meat would be hard to cut.)

I just made that up.

I’m one of those “I like meat but don’t make me kill it,” people. Love the taste, bash the method. I’ll eat the burger but not with blood on my hands. Yep, a fleshocrite. A meat poser. A phony steakasaurus.

If everyone had to kill an animal each time they wanted meat would more people eat veggies and non-meat items instead?

In Vietnam they eat a delicious hard-boiled egg that has a feathery duck fetus inside. I like eating them but when I get to its little beaky face, I have to muster a little more courage to get it all down.

I was on the beach a few months ago and had some Vietnamese shrimp and let me emphasize that some of the shrimp here are incredible, succulent monsters that are unlike any shrimp I’ve ever seen. The problem was that they were served whole, stacked one atop another in a big shrimp pyramid, faces intact. Big black eyes dangling at the end of long stalks looking right into my soul and it became apparent that I have a very difficult time eating faces.

I’m not sure why, but it brings me back to wondering if people would have a problem killing if they wanted beef, pork, poultry or a giant juicy shrimp. If they don’t want to kill, I assume they’ll just eat something else like a banana or some cashews, but would the craving for a porterhouse or a bratwurst compel them to do the job themselves?



One response to “Eating Face

  1. They’re supposedly an aphrodisiac…well? And, how do I get some. Trứng vịt lộn, that is.

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