Tiny Piece Of Saigon


Men in slacks lean and gather under awnings and eat and smoke and yell and laugh.


The luxury of simpler lives only appears to be romantic until you see the labor in the streets, watching women bend, cook and work by pushing carts of food or riding bicycles carrying giant loads of fruit while men dig, build and weld. I see things done by hand, like the sharpening of saw blades and awls, using sledgehammers and then chisels to break great walls of mortar, tying stalks of bamboo together for enormous scaffolding while perching solely against skeletons of buildings growing taller by the bone.


Once I see all that in the middle of the day during the thickest of heat, I realize that the naps beneath the trees and reclining social circles tie up the days of labor with moments of deserved rest while keeping the people together.


2 responses to “Tiny Piece Of Saigon

  1. Good observations about the “simpler life” which is usually far more complex and definitely harder work that anything in the industrialized world.

    Glad to have learned about your blog from “Rich Bachelor” in Portland. I’ve not been to Vietnam since around 1999, so it’s great to see these images and observations.

  2. Likewise, great minds, I’m glad I found good people to read.

    Thanks for the comment, Vietnam (I’ve heard) has changed quite a bit since 1999 but some things are very much the same. It’s becoming more westernized and consumer-driven though it’s traditions I think are safe from disappearing behind the cell phones and flat screen tv’s. I’ll keep you posted.

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