Good Lord

Tell me if this is some CGI or is it memorex or what. It makes me feel like this rube either is the biggest idiot born or he is packing nuclear nuts. Most likely both. Whatever the case, no one would ever forget seeing that on the way to work.

I don’t even know what to think about that.


3 responses to “Good Lord

  1. Typical childish attention getter. You don’t do that sort of thing because you want to, or because “you can.” You do it to be noticed, because whatever you are as a person is not good enough, so you rely on stunts.

    I sound like a grumpy old man. What will I sound like when I AM a grumpy old man?

  2. I’ve thought about it and I know why I don’t like it. It’s dangerous to those around the guy, if this dumb squid slips underneath someone’s car they wind up kililng him and dealing with the therapy for the rest of their life.

    You’re already a grumpy old man, Andy, embrace it. Love it. Use it like The Force.

    Chris: This guy should be texting the ER to reserve a gurney. Don’t get me started on the whole highway, grocery-line cellphone rant. I feel one coming on as I write this.

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