I’m in Vietnam reading Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle and various blogs by geniuses on the internet. I’m listening to Tool, Pharoahe Monch and PJ Harvey at violently high volume levels. I’m watching David Blaine make me weep and I’ll sometimes even catch a random college football game. It’s far too warm and relaxed here for it to actually be the holidays. Regardless of how many thousands of miles I am from my house and bed, what media I haven’t brought with me I manage to scour and find those American artists that remind me of who I am.

I resolve to never take for granted the diversity, immensity and availability of American art.


3 responses to “Resolve

  1. Ho-lee-kee-rap! I can’t believe someone is willing to admit that America does something well! And art, no less! I am so tired of the bandwagon sentiment that the only good things in the world come from somewhere else.

  2. Y’know, it took me to travel abroad to realize that much of the greatest things in the world come from home. People say we can’t make a car but we invented the car, they say we can’t educate our kids but we have pro sports, Hollywood and Madison Ave (plus we teach with love), it really is a great and creative place. Though the food in Vietnam is ridiculously delicious, admittedly better than hot dogs or ranch dressing.

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