Post Christmas Partum

Oooh, all that anticipation, seeing all those gifts under the tree sometimes for weeks at a time, juggling all the shopping, cooking, driving, list making, budgeting schedules and money, standing in long lines, swallowing the stress all the while remembering to deliver some laughter where it counts.

Battalions of kids storming doorways and yards, shaking hands with in-laws and hugging everyone else, you get it all during the holidays. Then in a giant yuletide climax replete with singing songs and drinking copious amounts of nog, it’s done. In a flash it’s all finished, nothing left but living room shrapnel and the work week looming.

We should all have to do the month after Christmas, it would be nice to have a few weeks to just relax after that last snifter of cognac is sipped, and the last relative has returned home, it would be nice to rest the ol’ perineum after all that preparation, work, and admittedly, fun.


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