You bloggers and your games! Ok, I’m in. Though my friends are few and none of them know how to use a typewriter let alone a computer, I will attempt to pass this on. Andy says, so I do.

Here’s my jobs:

Farmhand (My first encounter with large animals and the terrible post-hole digger.)

Canvasser (Non-profits don’t pay squat.)

Video store clerk (one of the few 24 hour video stores that wasn’t a smut house.)

UPS guy (loaded trailers and then stole some brown shorts. I’m a vested teamster which puts me in social circles I never thought possible.)

Bought and sold  antiques and strange collectibles. (No pension.)

Car Salesman (New and used, oh the stories! The only job where I actually screwed young couples and old folks. Horrible.)

Busboy and waiter

Bartender in a Tiki Lounge (BMOC, gave me the keys and everything. More stories.)

English teacher in Dalat, Vietnam. (Not a bad gig.)

Bartending teacher in Saigon. (Had to work on Christmas but the students took me to lunch. Not a bad gig, either.)


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