Obligatory Holiday Post

Taking a page from a blog that I enjoy reading, I’m going to treat holiday posts like most people treat Christmas card lists. The same old card for everyone you know, just sign and seal then drink some nog.

In 366 days this exact post will be reused and its sentiment will not dwindle, it will be more tried and true, like a fine wine or a smokin’ g-milf. That’s right, a “g” for “grandma”. This post will carry more weight and meaning after a year of percolating during everyday life.

While you’re celebrating Boxing Day, Chanukah, Christmas, Diwali, Guy Fawkes Day, Kwanzaa, Lunar New Year, Posadas, Ramadan or if you’re just waiting for March Madness, god bless you and all the best to your friends and family.

Guzzle some nog, wear elastic pants to the table, open some loot, give some happiness, and most of all, remember why you love and enjoy each minute with those close to you. And if you find yourself being extra nice this time of year, maybe try spreading a little of that through spring and summer instead, because life is precarious, a truck full of marshmallows and cotton candy is still a truck if it happens to pop a curb while you’re standing there caroling.


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