Picture of the Week 12/23


In different countries there are different ways of doing things. Sometimes you need to pass on the left around a blind corner. Sometimes you just sit there in terror and click the shutter.


2 responses to “Picture of the Week 12/23

  1. Oh brother. Given where you are and where you’ve been, I don’t have to work too hard to help you understand driving in Korea. Pretty much as you have described in a handful of posts here – erratic, crowded, motor scooters zipping in and out of impossible spots, and the horn is your turn signal. I was stationed somewhat remotely out there with a couple of troops, and about twice a month we had to venture into downtown Seoul in our behemoth Humvee. The first couple of times were harrowing and terrifying, but once I learned the system I realized that size really does matter, and the big rig runs the show out there. You just sort of insist your way into any tight spot you want, and the little cars do abide. It’s a nice little system in which you first thing “these people suck at this!” Then you realize everyone is doing it exactly the same way, the clouds part, and you realize that holy shit, this system works!

    No (formal) speed limits, either.

  2. Oh how right you are. There is definitely a system and the bigger you are, the more the waves part, it’s so interesting to see how other people do it, back home we have lane lines, stop lights and even just a sign that tells you to stop at the corner. I can’t imagine anyone here stopping at a stop sign, the signals are only mere suggestions as it is. But it works, everyone is on the same page and understands the rules. And Asians get a bad rap for being bad drivers in the states but hapless white folks negotiating Asian traffic for the first time is nothing short of a hilarious spectacle.

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