I believe I have a right to defend my yard. Dandelions and all. I believe in preserving my life and those of whom I love. I believe in turkey dinners, good whiskey, hammocks and bonfires. I believe in a great salad, recycling and a well written book. I believe in the internal combustion engine and guitar solos. I believe in my friends, family and loves. I also believe in strangers being good people before being boobs.

I don’t believe in men in suits who have kids in private schools sending men and women whose kids are in public schools thousands of miles away to kill and die.

I don’t believe in companies making obscene fortunes from military and construction contracts that destroy and then rebuild cities in foreign countries.

I don’t believe in the way veterans aren’t venerated with wealth and care.

I don’t believe in the way teachers aren’t venerated with wealth and care.

I don’t believe terrorists care if we have ice-skating rinks and picnics.

I don’t believe in a foreign policy that emulates the 19th century British Empire.

I do believe that people will continue to kill each other every day.

and I do believe the United States government is either for it or against it.

I do believe many countries all over the world have freedom of speech.

I do believe deep down, we all want the best for everyone else.

I do believe in my country and my world.

And I can’t believe that I’m alone, because much of this has been said a million times before.


One response to “Unbelievable

  1. I wish I put put my beliefs into words as well.

    I’ve been told to use my words more like a scapel. Unfotunately my favorite tool is the hammer.

    It gets me into trouble all the time. Good thing a can actually defend my dandelions from assualt should the need arrise.

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