Toys Will Be Toys

For some reason, I love being surrounded by contraptions. Remote controls, cell phones (actually, I don’t like cell phones), iphones, ipods, and my icommode is coming in the mail. My camera, which I love, is an incomprehensible gadget that will take great photos once I figure out how it works.

There are also nifty things I have yet to find a need for, like TiVo, new programs on the PC, miniature game stations, remote car starters, light turn-onners, fridge openers, and automatic snack dispensers. I’m not that lazy, yet. All these wonderful electronic amenities are designed to make my life simpler and more convenient, right? Right.

I’m sure there is a psychological complex that defines why people need to have little things that whir and buzz, things that shine and light up, things that make us rulers over our technological masses, I just hope they figure all that out after Christmas.

Or World Holiday Day. I’ll call it whatever they want as long as I get some filthy swag that has an LCD display. Though a painting or a nice plumb bob are perfectly fine gifts, too.


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