Vietnamese Erections

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Vietnam is moving right on up the economic food chain. They’re building like mad, every street has either a building coming down or one going up, all day long there isn’t a moment where I’m not listening to a sander, grinder, hammer or guy yelling. There are more cranes here than in an Audobon book and they go at all hours through the night.

But the Vietnamese don’t always have the heavy equipment needed for large tasks so many times it’s sheer manpower being used to excavate and haul heavy loads. Coming from the west it’s astounding to see what can be done without a Kubota or a backhoe. Then I think of when construction was done without heavy machinery and it’s a lot like looking back in time when I gawk at these enormous building sites.

It’s thrilling to be in the midst of such furious development but it sucks when you wake up to three different construction jobs on the same block. Two people hammering and one guy working a tilesaw, I swear, right on the other side of my headboard.

I suppose I should start getting out of bed before 11 am, anyway. Lazy gringo.


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