Trample Trample, Little Star

In India, there are people who, in the name of religion, gather en masse to worship and revel in their faith. They converge in temples that are usually antiquated and not designed for such large groups, so sometimes when they’re celebrating their relationship with god, tragedies occur. As in stapmedes, where twice in India this year hundreds of people were fatally trampled.

Unfortunately, human stampedes happen quite often, involving pilgrims, soccer fans and nightclub-goers all over the world.

But only in the great United States do people stomp on each other to death to cram themselves into a department store to buy things.

To celebrate their relationship with god.


One response to “Trample Trample, Little Star

  1. Chungking, China:
    Two new-years ago Wal-Mart in Chongqing, China ran a super-super sale on gallon jugs of peanut oil, and hundreds of people were pressed against the doors waiting for them to open. When the doors did open, they all rushed inside. Four died. Now I don’t even go to Wal-Mart unless I’m carrying a cattle prod.

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