I’m in my apartment watching a brutal kickboxing match on television wondering exactly when it was that I began to enjoy seeing two guys beating each other up.

They’re kicking each others’ faces inside out and I’m on the edge of the bed just waiting for one of them to drop like a rock. Or like one of those looney tunes safes that fall from rooftops.

I never was into the smashmouth, octagon, super-ultimate-fighting, but after watching a ton of regular boxing and kickboxing these last few months, I see myself gravitating towards being riveted by two guys in hot pants rolling around on top of each other in a cage. I think they call it “grappling”.



2 responses to “Fisticuffs

  1. Please can I use the picture of Billy for my school project?
    I know it sounds stupid but I need to get permission.
    Thank you.

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