Whether the Weather be Good or Bad

The humidity in Ho Chi Minh City is almost criminal. Nine showers and nothing gets fixed, but it does give you good reasons to be naked in the tropics.

Since it’s so warm all the time, there is an enormous sense of community here. Everyone is equal when dealing with heat. The elderly and the children play games together right out in front of the house, greeting and gesturing to those passing by or reclining in patio chairs up the street.

Everybody is outside all the time so they’re all seen and heard, not like back home where people are insulated from each other by being inside all the time. Where I come from we like to be behind doors, walls, shrubs and fences.

You can see tradition growing alongside children in every open doorway on every narrow street, you can see the closeness and atmosphere of family and unison on every Saigon corner.

Normally I’d be warm and fuzzy but I think I’ll be hot and sticky instead.


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