Addiction Needs A Club

I want to start a discussion forum for hard-core drug addicts and alcoholics. They have those yet? I’m not talking about recoverers or those wanting to complete their steps. I’m talking about the people that are continually using and still functioning normally enough to succeed in daily society.

A Pro-Addiction website.

I want to know the hints, tips and tricks to hide track marks and bloody noses, I’m curious as to how to cloak the odor of crank cooking in the bathtub, or maybe how to force feed yourself a meal when a coke binge is occuring (blender?). I’ve always wondered how to drink whiskey all day and still manage to stay within the workforce.

If a collective knows there are others with common interests and ailments, why not give them an opportunity to trade war stories?

I want to provide a safe arena for those who partake in habitual drugs to communicate with one another, share stories and information, recipes, cocktails, which pharmaceuticals go well with a couple grams of (fill in narcotic here) so you can still make it to work in the morning.

If sick people have a place to talk, it will help them heal. It will enable safety through open communication, two of the many areas that the war on drugs have ignored since way back in the ’80’s.

Even if an addict doesn’t heal completely or sadly, passes away, then they will have at least left some words behind as a legacy. That is more than one can say of the majority of addicts and alcoholics that die terribly only to fade quietly into lists of statistics and annual memorials.


4 responses to “Addiction Needs A Club

  1. Its about time someone had a unique perspective. I’m curious about your blog, it has all these random topics and the Vietnam thing is different.

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