Things I Saw Today

A man pushing a huge cart full of bananas down the street.

About 15 traveling senior citizens with matching red ball caps and fanny packs.

A rat poking its nose out from a storm drain.

A family traveling all on one motorbike.

A half-hour lightning storm.

A little boy who was playing with a piece of paper with the vigor as if it was a store-bought toy.

A truck driver with an Oregon Ducks ball cap on.

The same old lady I see everyday who tries to sell me a Lonely Planet.

Durian flavored ice cream.

A young woman riding a bicycle holding an umbrella.

A Ludacris video on TV.

A grandma with silver painted toenails.

Two 4th graders each on computers on different sides of the room trying to kill each other in a video game.

Me wandering the streets in a foreign land half wishing to be home, half wishing to never leave.


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