United States of an Ignoramus

People in the United States don’t know nothing. Yep. I said it. Immortalized in cyberspace. Bad grammar and all. It’s not that Americans don’t want to know anything that happens outside of its borders, it’s just there isn’t a lot of exposure to different foods, sports, politics, art, war, beauty, and religion, that isn’t found by pointing a remote.

It’s tough, I know. I’m an American and I read books. But if I use my passport to go anywhere, I’m reminded of how absolutely ignorant I am of how other cultures live around the world and how in the dark Americans are kept by its media and inevitably, themselves. The speed of American culture and inherent lack of awareness doesn’t encourage much exploration. Some say it’s because it’s a relatively new country, but I think it’s more than that.

Since the United States is an amalgamation of many different cultures then wouldn’t it be prudent to think that its population would have a little more knowledge and be more diverse and intelligent? Doesn’t it make sense that since they have all the money that they would be smart, too? Oh wait, that’s bad math. Money = stuff. And that stuff ain’t books. It’s not even graphic novels. It’s jewelry, televisions, and automobiles, but that topic is for a whole different day.

In my hometown I like to eat foods from all over the world and that makes me feel nice and worldly but when I’m overseas I really am just a dumb American. I think this is because when I speak with other travelers from around the world (and some of them I swear sniff glue) who are basically just out to get drunk in a different language, they know so much more about why things happen in the world than I could ever hope to. It drives me crazy to look into a trustafarian’s glazed stoner eyes and have him tell me the intricate workings on why the global economic collapse hasn’t even begun yet. I feel like I’m the one huffing glue.

Americans are insular and isolated from any other way of life outside of its own country.

If they don’t smarten up, the people of the United States are going to be turned into droves of cheap labor and their resources will be plucked by those whose teenagers can name the President of France, find Beijing on a map, and be able to spell “indigent” in English as a Second Language.


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