Postpone What God Can Fix Now

Dread is a nasty animal. A filthy, savage, beast perching above your every movement and growing in strength with every moment and every day. A funny thing happens when specific thoughts percolate in your head, they love to murmer into mushroom clouds of power. If you dread for a few days about going into a college class to teach without a proper lesson plan and hope to wing it all on the fly for a 3 hour class, then you got dread. Devastating dread. A funnier thing then happens when that day arrives: it ain’t quite as bad as you aniticipated and essentially worked itself out. Dread is like jealousy or guilt, one of those weird little emotional creatures that are solely self-imposed and once they’re in your blood and you let them wander around, they will blossom into giant, black, thorny flowers from hell. And what good is a black flower from hell unless you’re wooing Danzig?

Your wife’s friend from work having a Catholic wedding? Your boyfriend got a monster truck pull party scheduled for the driveway? Kids hitting puberty? Have a job interview when you profusely lied on your CV? Sweat not, there’s always a free party after a wedding. Better to have him home when he’s crushing beer cans against his navel. Hitting puberty means they’re almost out of the house. All they care about is a solid reference. Dread should be excorcised from your schedule of procrastination. Begone!


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