Saigon traffic

Saigon traffic

Unlike Saigon, you’re from a town where there’s a lot less motorcycles so automobile traffic is one of those things that sour a great lunch or ruin a hot-date winning streak. Not only does the stop and go constantly scream that you’re not getting anywhere, but then that black Acura believes by quickly wedging his front end into the mess he’s going to get a jump on things. Mainly he’s getting a jump on you. Sometimes when the roads are open and peaceful and the wind is slipping nicely over you, there comes along an SUV whose halogens are 4 feet off the ground but shooting directly into your rearview, thus melting your brain. You begin think this person hates you, why else would they be a foot off your bumper at 75?

When I get home I plan to study the reasons why traffic where I come from becomes an intimate battle of individuals instead of a collective effort to get somewhere together.

We’re all going in the same direction, trying to get to the same place, you pricks in Acuras.


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