Barack Obama Rocks Your Mama

I find it wholeheartedly unbelievable that a black man will soon be the President of the United States. I question him only because he is a politician though I am somehow filled with a strange sense of pride and excitement. He’s a beautiful speaker who actually says something substantial instead of delivering tired talking points and generalities.

I’ve been abroad the last few months and being an American hasn’t meant a great deal to any of the locals aside from them equating it to me having money to give them. But inside I understand how much of the world perceives the United States: as an empire built from colonialism and a bleeder of nations for its 24 hour hamburgers and big-box shopping centers. These people cannot imagine how we shop, our choices, products, and availability of things. Sometimes I can hardly believe how good Americans have it. (Except of course, for healthcare).

Right now it feels so good to be an American, and before someone breaks out in a Toby Keith monkey-call, I have to remark on how much this country has grown and how I hope it will continue to do so despite politicians being politicians. Now when someone asks me where I’m from I say, “The good ol’ US of A!” Then I thrust my fist in the air and yell, “Oh yeah!” How cool is that?

p.s. If Bush wasn’t such a monumental failure as a leader could any of this ever happened?


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