Rah Rah, Sis Boom Bah

Being in Southeast Asia I really miss American football. I can hope to catch a game every 2 weeks on Asian ESPN and it’s usually college ball but I did catch the Arizona Cardinals for two quarters. Whoop dee doo, the Cardinals, but I can’t afford to be a chooser.  In Vietnam they televise football matches all the time, sometimes 3 or 4 at once on several different channels but everyone back homes calls it soccer.

Have you ever watched cricket? It’s an interesting game similar to baseball but without the break-neck excitement of watching the Major Leagues, if you get my drift. Cricket has a long and storied tradition that, as I understand it, is probably what allows its games to last several days. Days. I once found the rules of the game on Wikipedia but it just was too large a page to wait to download.

One thing I can count on is an NBA game every week. I even saw the Trail-Blazers play a home game that included a buzzer beater in overtime, I was so homesick seeing the Rose Garden I wet my pants a little.

Tennis. A lot of tennis, and I don’t care what anybody says, tennis is a great sport. One on one, no coaches, it’s like arm wrestling or a six-gun western shootout. Watching professional tennis is amazing especially when I go to the club and practice my smash.

Racing. Automobiles, motorcycles, boats, horses, camels, humans, you name it, they race it and they show it on Vietnamese television. It’s great. For some reason though, there isn’t one hint of NASCAR. Except when they play Talledega Nights on HBO, and that’s way better than the real thing.

Fighting. WBA, WBC, MMA, general kicking of the ay ess ess.

All in all there are plenty of sports here and many things I don’t get in Ory gone.


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