Music Makes The World Go ‘Round

I’m losing touch with what is cool in America. I’m losing it in so many ways. Thirty-five, balding, belly protruding, bones aching and stamina waning, I’m losing what used to identify me. Being overseas for awhile really allows me to lose track of new music, art and film and of course, mass media. The first three things I truly miss but I cannot say I long for the fear mongering of American tabloid and television media.

It’s the music I need the most because there were times when I wanted my music so bad I nearly wept.

The music I predominantly find in Southeast Asia is on MTV Asia, and a television channel called “V”. They play mainstream pop and dance, and even some old school hip-hop and hair metal. Yep. Hair metal. God bless ’em. But overall, finding new music that isn’t T.I. or Pussycat Dolls (are these people real?) is a tall order so I’ve no idea who’s got the good record out or what’s happening back home. I’ve settled with my mp3 player that my wonderful girlfriend brought to me while she was visiting. Ahh, all my old music and some new stuff, too.

Vietnamese music still has yet to reach the heights of the Chinese or Japanese. Japanese punk is nothing to scoff at and the Chinese have these insane kids breakdancing to DMC and Young MC who are absolutely surreal to see. Vietnam is heavy in traditional songs about love and country but are starting to grow into pop and techno. They love the techno, heavy beats and thumping loops, no words, just an exploding heart and attention deficit reminscent of the rave days. Especially in shopping areas, teenager boutiques and specialty shops where they’re a mix between a clothes store and dance club. It would be like going into an Old Navy that has Marshall stacks pumping Lords of Acid while you’re trying to find where they keep the fleece.


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