I Heart Saigon

So I’m now in the middle of a city, a city quite larger than my hometown. A city which has 10 times as many bodies filling the streets, 20 times as much litter and grime and 100 times as much noise and action and traffic.

When a bitty fish from the frog pond decides to take a dip in a great lake, I’m not too sure if it ever gets used to it. Conversely, when a big kid swims only in the shallow end, there becomes a growing resentment of all the wee ones and their warm wee.

I’m officially weeing in a great lake, moving quick as to not get eaten and while the cuisine is spectacular, the bustle and din is worth the coffee alone. The coffee makes me weak and smitten, like junior high love, when walking past a cafe and seeing those like-minded free spirits sitting enjoying their coffee, I want to be them. I’ve never really been an envious guy outside of maybe wishing to be James Bond or Bruce Lee, but when I see a group of people who enjoy the exact same beverage as I do, I almost lust to be them. And luckily, I’m able to fulfill that wish by immediately sitting alongside them and sharing a perfect moment.


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