I Figure Since So Many Others Are Jumping Off A Bridge…

Every Larry, Curly and Moe gots a blog so I might as well forgo Facebook and Friendster and concentrate on my face, the Reidster (See Faces Of Reid). So is it the feeling of having other people read your crap? Is it solely for acceptance or is it more of a personal thing? I feel liberated when I toss my silly sentences into the computer net, so that’s my excuse. Excuses are just reasons of desire. And I suppose my desire is to be sleeping while knowing somebody is poring over my words, examining my thoughts and clinging to some conclusion garnered from what glops from my giant mouth. Strange ratio, the ol’ mouth hole to brain size, about 20:1 in North America.

If I saw a hundred people jump off a bridge, I would stand and watch. If a thousand jumped, I would have to take a seat. If I saw a million, I would write a little book full of cute sayings.


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