As If There Were Any Other Kind Of Owl

Insomniacs united to make noise throughout the night and plod around dribbling the midnight oil, I am one of you. It’s always nice to see the night because that’s where all the strange stuff happens, a lot of interesting people are out at night. And by interesting I mean usually unsavory, unclean, and purely unbelievable.
Surely, I jest.
Being up late always gives me the feeling like of doing something bad, as if I’m making up for all the times I was told to go to sleep when I was a child. All those times when I wasn’t done playing, now I am the king of when I have to go to bed. If only I was one of those unshaven types that didn’t have a boss in the morning. Okay, right now I am one of those jobless jerks but I will soon once again be a part of the great global workforce. Promise.


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